Hello, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. My name is K L Greenwalt. Yes, my first name is just the letter K. As you can imagine, when your name is only one letter long there are lots of interesting stories that go with it.Green Truck Laughing

I’m thrilled you are here. Won’t you join me on my front porch? Let’s sit on the swing and chat about this amazing journey called life.

Who I Am

I’m a writer, consultant, and virtual assistant. I love to listen to stories, and I love to tell stories.

Things I Like

On Hill GoldenI am head over heals in love with my fur kids, a boxer mix named Sadie, an Italian Greyhound/Golden Retriever mix named Miley and a Ragamuffin kitty named Bailey.

I also love, reading, hiking and gardening, ice cream, and naps. Oh, and Mexican food. Don’t forget the Mexican food.114

Why I Do This

I am passionate about embracing my story and being a totally authentic follower of Jesus Christ. Becoming the K He created me to be. My heart’s desire is for others to join me on the journey of becoming who He created us to be.

Too often we live stuck in life, carrying baggage we were never meant to carry, bearing wounds that won’t heal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We are meant for so much more. We are uniquely penned in His image. As Pastor Rick Warren says, “You were made on purpose for a purpose.”

What To Expect When You Visit This Blog

Each Tuesday I will post something I have learned or am learning about becoming my true self and embracing my story. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes humorous. I hope you will join the conversation by commenting on posts. We will talk about having an abiding and thriving relationship with Jesus one grace step at a time. Emotionally, relationally, financially, and physically – we’ll talk about every area of our life. I’ll even share stories of how God teaches us lessons through dogs.

Contact Me

You can contact me on Facebook or by commenting on posts. My email is k@klgreenwalt.com

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