Turns Out It Really Does Matter Where You Focus

Let me ask you a question. Where is your focus? The answer to that question really does matter because it will determine your destination. It is a proven fact that where we focus is where we go. Don’t believe me? Drive down the road and fix your gaze on the telephone pole along the side […]

How To Uncover Your Grace-Filled Goals

“You can’t do it all and do life well. But you can choose to cultivate what matters. And that means letting go at times and making a mess.” – Lara Casey   Last week I shared why resolutions don’t work and how setting grace-filled, Jesus-centered goals is a better option. This week let’s flesh how […]

Are You Looking Forward To 2017?

The end of another year is fast approaching. It has been an interesting year on many levels. Like all years it has possessed, it’s share of good and bad. I like to take this time to not only review the year that is ending but to make plans for the coming year. I will dedicate […]

Are You Experiencing This Kind Of Gratitude?

Can you believe it’s November already? The holidays are upon us once again. Thanksgiving is only three weeks away. Are you Ready? What is your gratitude quotient as you approach the holiday? Defining Gratitude How do you define gratitude? Is it a warm fuzzy feeling as you count your blessings or is it something more? […]

How To Face Down Your Fear Every Time

Fear is an everyday enemy that can confine us to prisons with high fences. But fear is not meant to drive our lives. I was reminded how fear could rear it’s ugly head without a moment’s notice this past week as I cared for a friend’s three dogs while they traveled. Our time together started […]

No Matter What Happens Grace Wins Every Time

Unexpected. Unearned. Unimagined. “Grace is the voice that calls us to change and gives us the power to pull it off.” – Max Lucado As I mentioned in an earlier post I adopted a shelter dog two years ago and she came with a lot of baggage. She damaged a few things by chewing on […]