Wishing You An Upside Down Kind of Advent

Welcome to the season of Advent. Traditionally,  the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. A time of waiting and anticipation. The word Advent comes from the Latin. It means coming. We look back to the first Advent when a miracle happened on a chaotic night in Bethlehem. The promised Messiah who God’s people had waited […]

exceptional gratitude

Is Your Gratitude Ordinary or Is It Exceptional

Can you believe today is Thanksgiving day?  Are you Ready? How will you celebrate? What traditions do you practice? Thanksgiving day is a time set aside for gratitude. But what is gratitude? Defining Gratitude How do you define gratitude? Is it a warm fuzzy feeling as you count your blessings or is it something more? […]


What Is The First Thing You Notice

Recently a friend posted a question on Facebook that launched me into a lot of thought about how I would answer. She asked, “What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time?” I Didn’t Know How To Answer I have to admit that I could not answer […]


Who Are You Running From

We are all running from something or someone. The question is are we running in the right direction. The other day I looked out my window at the right time to witness a precious scene unfolding. My neighbor across the street was on the way to her car with her toddler. Just as they reached the […]

comfort zone

Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone but the key is not to get stuck there. It happens every time I step into the shower. My three dogs, Miley, Sadie, and Zoe follow me into the bathroom and curl up on the bathroom rug in front of the shower. Stuck In Our Comfort Zone They don’t […]

social mdia

Deciding What To Do With Social Media

Social Media should I stay or should I go? Have you ever asked yourself this question? What is the right answer? If you are anything like me at one time or another, these questions have crossed your mind. Social media not only didn’t exist when I was younger we didn’t even imagine it or the impact it […]


Just A Saga of The Second Chance Mouse

What a way to start the day. Like most of you, I have a morning routine. But on this beautiful spring Wednesday it got turned on its head in a hurry. It started out, as usual, waking to birds singing outside my bedroom window. Spending the first five minutes with God before my feet hit […]


It’s Just Another Chapter In The Story

It’s a new day, a new look and a fresh start. In other words a new chapter. Yes, Fresh starts really do happen, and this blog is proof. Sometimes fresh starts are unexpected. Relaunching this blog with a new design certainly falls into the unexpected category. Before we take the tour, let me give you […]