Oh No Here We Go Again

I can hear you asking, what on earth is going on with this blog? It looks different from the last time I visited. Why the changes?


Funny you should ask. but I’m glad you did. Let me tell you what happened.

But first let’s talk about the last change. If you are a regular reader, you may recall I did a complete update and relaunch of the blog on August 16 of 2018. It wasn’t something I hadn’t planned or even wanted to do. First, for all my non techie friends the template is the canvas on which the website rests and it is what controls the appearance of the site and how it functions. In the software world deprecated means the developer has withdrawn support of the product.

I chronicled the adventure of the August relaunch here.

Fast forward four months to December 2018 and I’m getting that déjà vu feeling. Yes, you guessed it the developer deprecated the new template I purchased in August.

Yikes! I wasn’t expecting this and to be honest I’m very disappointed that it happened. After all the work that went into the August relaunch I certainly don’t want to turn around and do it all over again in January.

But it’s beyond my control so I am left with a solution opportunity. What is a solution opportunity you ask? That is the perspective I am choosing to take when a problem occurs. Perspective is everything.

But first pray. Yep, when faced with a solution opportunity the first thing you need to do is pray. As I talked to God these options emerged:

  • Pull the plug on the blog and just stop writing
  • Keep using my current template
  • Find a free template to use
  • Research and find a premium template, pay the additional cost and do it right

At this point you have no doubt figured out that the decision was to purchase a premium template and you are looking at the result. Let me back up for a minute and unpack the other options.

I did seriously wrestle with pulling the plug and shutting the blog down and just stop writing altogether but I can’t. I feel God calling me to keep at it. So until He says stop I won’t.

There are two problems with using a deprecated template. First, it eventually won’t work with WordPress because it is not being updated and WordPress is. That is a software clash waiting to happen. And second, it’s dangerous., Because it’s not being updated it becomes vulnerable to being hacked. Not to mention that there is no support if and when a problem occurs.

A free template has many of the same problems as a deprecated template (no support and sparse if any updates.) That leads us to the final option a premium template.

A premium template is one you pay for. There are thousands of them and they range in price from very inexpensive to quite pricey. The problem with the cheaper ones (and some pricey ones too) is you need to be a coder or hire a coder to design the look of your website.

Although I enjoy tech and am good at some technical stuff, I don’t know how to code so I need a template designed for someone like me. It’s why I chose the last option and why I stuck with the same company.

Where God leads He provides. I didn’t want to incur additional expense from my writing budget. In fact, I can’t afford to. The cost of this template was prohibitive but God intervened so I could buy the licence and the monthly subscription for half of the cost.

That brings us to now. After two days of set-up the new website is live. Much better than the August relaunch which took weeks.

I’m hoping I need not do this again for quite some time but I know God will make a way regardless of what happens.

Keep in mind the site still needs a few tweaks, but by all means please let me know what you think. Also, if you encounter any technical issues (slow page loads, links that don’t take you to the right spot or anything else that doesn’t seem normal) be sure to mention it.

And most of all thank you for your support and stopping by each week.





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2 thoughts on “Oh No Here We Go Again

  1. Yes! Where God leads, He does provides! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to always pray, especially in times of uncertainty. Be Blessed!

  2. “Pull the plug on the blog and just stop writing.” I feel you! This has gone through my head many times whenever I experience frustrations (and unexpected expenses) as you have. But like you, I also feel a calling from God to keep writing, and I’m glad you made the decision to keep writing, too!

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