It’s Just Another Chapter In The Story

It’s a new day, a new look and a fresh start. In other words a new chapter. Yes, Fresh starts really do happen, and this blog is proof.


Sometimes fresh starts are unexpected. Relaunching this blog with a new design certainly falls into the unexpected category.

Before we take the tour, let me give you a little backstory.

And Then This Happened

It all started back in April. I was dealing with some health issues that spilled over into my writing. Yes, physically I didn’t feel like sitting down at my laptop to write.

But if I’m totally honest, I also was dealing with a bit of writer’s block. I felt stuck in my writing. The words just wouldn’t come.

As I prayed about it, a story idea came, and I wrote. After a two week absence, I published the new post on May 1 proudly declaring, “I’m back!”.

However, being back was short lived. In fact, it lasted one day.

I Can’t Believe This Is Happening

You see, the very next day my computer crashed. Yuck. One more crash in an escalating string of crashes and computer issues.

I knew that the time was drawing ever so near when I needed to replace my unreliable friend. But frankly, I wasn’t in a place financially to do so.

While patching it up with bubblegum and duck tape to keep it going just a little while longer, I began to question my calling to write.

Had I misunderstood God? Was writing what I was supposed to be doing? Or, was my dying computer and financial situation a sign that I should end the blog and stop writing and move on to something else.

What Happened Next

Not having a working computer affected more than just my writing. I use it to work as a virtual assistant to earn money to help make ends meet.

But without a computer working from home as a VA was also dead in the water. Was this another sign?

So, I asked God for clear direction about this whole working from home and writing thing. I asked Him to show me what my next step was.

But I was not prepared for what happened next.

An Unexpected Text Message

The notification sound on my phone went off signaling a new text message.

It was from a dear friend and VA client. It said that she and her husband would like to buy me a new laptop.

What? I could not believe what I was reading. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was overwhelmed by their generosity.

Little did they know they were the instrument God used to answer a prayer for direction.

For me, this awesome gift was a yes with an exclamation point that He is calling me to write and continue my work as a virtual assistant.

And All My Problems Disappeared, Not Quite

But the story doesn’t end there.

I had been procrastinating about updating my website to be compliant with GDPR. GDPR is new privacy regulations for blog visitors from the European Union.

I bought the software I wanted to use to meet this requirement (unless you live in the EU you won’t see anything about this when you visit my site).

Just as I finished the GDPR updates, I learned that the company I purchased my theme from deprecated it (discontinued support and updates for the theme).

The theme is the template the blog is built on. It determines the appearance and to some degree how you navigate the site.

So now I was faced with the need to select and purchase a new theme.

Although I wasn’t happy with how the company handled the whole process, they eventually did step up to the plate and make a partial refund which offset the purchase of the new theme.

A Quick Tour

I decided that since a new theme requires a redesign of the look of my site, it would also be a perfect time to change and add some things I had been procrastinating doing.

With that said you are looking at the all-new design, the next chapter of this blog.

Before you leave the site today take a minute to check out some of the updates and changes. Starting with the new Home page design.

I also updated my About page with new content so be sure to give it a read. Also, you will find a new page which more prominently features the ministry we are supporting for the year.

And finally, the new Contact page makes it easy for us to stay in touch because I do want to hear from you.

As you browse through all the updates and changes, please be sure to let me know if you find a link that doesn’t work or if you see anything else that is not right.

Another Chapter In The Story

I will be honest; when all the unexpected things that lead to this point started to happen, I was frustrated and a little angry.

But I took a moment and asked God what He wanted to teach me through all this.

The bottom line is He has used it all to awaken my heart to Him and His blessings in a deeper way.

You see, every day really is a fresh start, a new beginning. And although every day does not go as expected, we can live expectantly, anticipating how He will awaken our hearts bit by bit to an abiding, intimate relationship with Him.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Our life is a story within His story. Each chapter an adventure filled with unexpected peaks and valleys as we do life with God.

I love the line form a commercial I recently saw for Chevy pickup trucks. At the end of the commercial a lady muses, “ Another ding, another scratch – it’s just another chapter in the story.”

So, relaunching this blog is just another chapter in my story, and I can’t wait to see where He leads. And what He will teach me regardless if it’s a text that blesses me and confirms my calling or if it’s another ding or scratch.

This song by Steven Curtis Chapman about new beginnings has been my anthem since I began this chapter of my story. I hope it will bless and encourage you as much as it has  me.

What new chapter are you starting in your life? Be sure to share by leaving a comment below.


I’m a writer and storyteller. Each week I write about and invite readers to join me on an extraordinary adventure to discover and live the unique story God has penned for each of us.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Chapter In The Story

  1. Everything came through just fine. And, it all looks good. You’re back, yuppie.

    1. Leaving another reply. All came through just fine. Glad you’re up and running my friend.

  2. I’m so glad you’re up & running again with your blog, K! I’ve really missed it the last few months & am seeing today why! Because you now have a new beginning & I’m looking forward to what God is going to reveal to you in His story of YOU!!! I love the fact that someone bought you a new computer when you needed it most! God’s timing again………always perfect!
    I feel like He is giving us a new beginning as well by bringing us back to Ohio after having been gone a year. We knew it was a sign that we were supposed to come back when I contacted a friend who has condos here, asking her if she has any become available to rent this year to let us know! After waiting a couple of months of hearing nothing, out of the blue one becomes available when we want it! His timing yet again – always PERFECT! Then we’re unsure whether to sell our home in TX; we list it & 1 person comes to view it. Then we begin to have second thoughts about selling & talk to our realtor to take it off the market! In the meantime, the one person who did look at it loved it & wanted her husband to see it. So we decided to let them come again & then we can drop the listing. What are the odds anything will come of it – right??? Lo & behold they both loved it, made a full price offer, & we accepted it! How does that happen? First people who look at it, buy it for full price???? Only God…….. So here we are – back where we love & feel like we belong, & feels more like home than where we’re from, & we couldn’t be happier❤ When I was in gift shop first week we’re here & I see this little wooden plack that says “My heart belongs in Ohio”! Yet another sign this is where we’re meant to be! Of course I bought it & placed above my pantry door so I can see it & be reminded every day this is where we’re meant to be❤❤❤ So thank You, Lord, for new beginnings & giving us signs from above that You’re sending us where we’re supposed to be in YOUR STORY❤

  3. Thanks for such an encouraging piece! I, too, am often resistant to change, even when it’s things that need to be replaced. And I’m sure if I had to redesign my website, it would drive me absolutely bonkers! But as you said, the change is always meant to teach us a lesson and it’s best if we just embrace it and make the best of it. When my parents’ home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey, they used it as an opportunity to redesign their house and now it looks better than ever.

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