Gratitude In The Midst of A Spontaneous Adventure

Spontaneous adventure was not on my list of things I planned to do on Monday. But I guess that’s why writing your plans in erasable ink is a good Idea. Otherwise you might find yourself singing the Mamas and the Pappas song, Monday-Monday.


The first thing I did before getting out of bed was check my email. The email I found in my Inbox reminded me why I have a self-imposed rule not to check email before 9:00 AM. The email that greeted me changed the trajectory of my day but little did I know it was just the tip of the iceberg.

After an awesome quiet time and feeding the fur babies, I addressed the needs of the client who emailed me. Two hours latter problem solved. Unfortunately, the time used meeting their needs meant no writing on Monday.

Oh well, that wasn’t so bad I thought but what I didn’t know was an even bigger unplanned adventure lie just around the corner.

Mowing was next on the day’s agenda. The weather forecast called for the possibility of rain every day but Monday so I started in on this necessary task. About two-thirds of the way into mowing I needed to take a break.

Sitting on the sun porch resting I decided it would be nice to let the dogs out. They love lying in the fresh-mown grass sunning themselves. So out they went while I continued to rest, scrolling through Facebook.

After about twenty minutes I was ready to finish mowing, I went to the door to call the girls in. There was Sadie lying near the base of the steps sunning herself. However, when I called Miley and Zoe, they didn’t come. In fact, they were nowhere in sight. Then I saw it.

I had left the side gate open. My heart stopped as panic washed over me. I grabbed their leashes and walked around the neighborhood searching for them. But there was no trace of them and I had no idea which direction they had gone.

I headed back to the house to grab my phone and jump in the car to cruse the streets looking for them. As I headed to the car to begin my search, I started praying. As I entrusted my precious babies care to the Lord, I felt my panic and fear subside.

Just as I reached the car my phone rang. An unknown number popped on the screen but the caller had a welcome message. A sweet lady informed me that her family had “a beautiful black lab” in their yard and they would care for her until I could come and pick her up.

Wait, just a lab what about Miley? I asked her if there had been a smaller black dog with the lab. She replied yes but when they tried to catch her; she ran from them.

Within minutes Zoe and I were reunited. She was happy as a clam. Tounge hanging out, butt wiggling, and loving her new friends. I thanked her rescuers profusely and with Zoe loaded into the car and more bold prayers we headed off in the direction they had seen Miley run.

I wound my way thorough all the streets of the west side of town. After about fifteen minutes I turned down one small street and my heart jumped with joy as I spotted her. She was wondering through an overgrown vacant lot. I called her name, and she turned toward me but just stood there.

I parked the car and jumped out calling her again. Now she started toward me but stopped, obviously scared. As I walked toward her, she lay down. I scooped her up and placed her on the front seat of the car.

Heading home with my precious cargo I was praising and thanking God for his goodness and answered prayer.

This adventure has a happy ending but without the grace of God it could have ended so much different.

What if the people who saw them had just ignored them and let them continue on their way? What if they hadn’t called me when they did? Plus to get where they ended up they had to cross one of the busiest streets in town at one of the busiest times of day. What if a car had struck them?  Or what if they had come upon some not so friendly dogs and gotten into a fight?

All that could have happened, but it didn’t and I am so grateful the story ended the way it did.

From the time they set out on their spontaneous adventure until they were safely home was just a little over two hours. Once home they drank what seemed like a gallon of water. Then exhausted from their adventure they spent the rest of the day napping. I sat for a little while just watching them sleep then I finished mowing. This time I remembered to close the gate.

While I finished mowing and for the rest of the day, I continued to thank and praise God but I also pondered all the lessons learned. The first of which is don’t forget to close the gate. And always make sure your dogs are micro-chipped and wear a collar with tags that contain your contact info.

I pondered how blessed I am that my God not only cares about me but also cares about these precious pups He created for me to share my life with.

Zoe ran to those who wanted to help her but Miley ran from them. What a great reminder that God serendipitously places others in our lives to help us. We should never be afraid to accept their help.  I also realized that unlike Miley hesitating and being scared and unsure what she should do when she heard my voice, when we hear the voice of God calling us we need to run to Him.

And above all else I remembered that all of life is an adventure to embrace. And while spontaneity is a good thing we should never set out on a spontaneous adventure without God.

“With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgement. Always let him lead you, and he will clear the road for you to follow.” – Proverbs 3:5-6 (GW)

What spontaneous adventures have you embarked on lately?








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  1. I know what you mean about animals demonstrating alternate responses to offers of help. I have a volunteer job at the SPCA that includes introducing shelter cats to prospective human families, and I have seen plenty of examples of both responses: the ones who are in your arms purring at the first hint of an invitation, and the ones who crouch in corners and respond to overtures with arched back and bared fangs. Guess which ones spend the longest periods stuck in cages when they could have the run of a real house?

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