How To Discover God’s Perspective About Health And Wellness

Are you a physical being or a spiritual being? Well according to Pierre Teilhard deChardin “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

Seeing Health And Wellness From God's Perspective

We are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience. That’s how God created us.  What difference would it make in your life if you perceived yourself this way? And if we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, how does God feel about our body?

What The Bible Says

Well, the truth is God cares deeply about our body, and He has a lot to say about it in His Word. 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 is a prime example. Rick Warren lists five things we learn about our bodies from scripture in his book The Daniel Plan:

  1. My body belongs to God.
  2. Jesus paid for my body when he died for me on the cross.
  3. God’s Spirit lives in my body.
  4. God expects me to take care of my body.
  5. God will resurrect my body after I die.

Looking At My Body From God’s Perspective

Reading those five statements was a wake-up call for me. I believe them all but you would never know it the way I take care of my body.

I have studied nutrition and exercise extensively and love to talk about it. Yet I continually abuse my body by not taking care of it as God designed. Oh, not that I don’t try. I have started and failed at “getting healthy” many times. I just never stick with it.

Why? Well, it is certainly not because I don’t want to be healthy, and it is not because I don’t want to take care of my body. The problem is I tried to do it in my own strength – with sheer willpower. I also tried to do it perfectly from day one.

Now, looking at it from God’s perspective I realize that God has a role, and I have a role to play in my health and wellness. I also realize that it is about progress and not perfection.

If I want lasting change, then I need to build my life on truth, make wise choices, think in a new way and allow myself to be Spirit-controlled.

I determined that if I want to pursue the dream He has placed in my heart and be the K that He created me to be I need to be the healthiest version of me.

God’s Role – My Role

Remember we are spiritual beings having a physical experience so we will never reach optimal health without paying attention to the spiritual dimensions of our lives.

Proverbs 16:9 (MSG) says, “We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it.” And in Zechariah 4:6 (CEV) God says, “Don’t depend on your own power or strength but on my Spirit.”

If God provides the power, then my role is to understand the love behind the power. According to Rick Warren God loves us with a four-dimensional love. His love is wide enough to be everywhere. It’s long enough to last forever. It’s deep enough to handle anything. And it’s high enough to overlook our sins.

I need to make the choice to change. I need to see my body from God’s perspective. I also need to choose to depend on Him every moment. To do that I need to spend time in His Word, and I need to talk with Him in prayer

Food, Exercise, And Sleep

We have all developed some bad habits that affect our health in negative ways.

Did you know that one in two Americans suffers from some chronic disease? Heart disease; diabetes; cancer; dementia; autoimmune diseases; acid reflux; irritable bowels; neurological problems; depression; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; thyroid, hormonal and menstrual problems, skin problems including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more. We spend almost $3 trillion a year in our health care system, and almost 80 percent of that is for chronic lifestyle preventable and reversible disease.


There is a better way. Lasting change is possible. Living in health and wellness is not a program it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of love, not fear or guilt. Living in relationship and trust allowing the Spirit to lead and control us.

That will look different for each of us, but it will entail three main components for all of us. Food, exercise, and sleep. So as part of becoming who we were created to be, we will talk about the nuts and bolts of how to eat, exercise and get proper sleep so our physical bodies can do their job as they were designed.

I am making a fresh start on the road to health and wellness. This time, I’m seeing it from God’s perspective. I won’t try to do His role but with His strength, I will choose to do my role. Will you join me? Let’s share our challenges and progress with each other and make this journey God’s way.

What is your biggest health challenge? What health questions do you have?

I’m a writer and storyteller. Each week I write about and invite readers to join me on an extraordinary adventure to discover and live the unique story God has penned for each of us.

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  1. I am profoundly in awe of your writing and your words speak for many of us who don’t like ourselves at times. God indeed has given you a special gift and your writing gets to the heart of what each of us are thinking but do not know how to express. Yes for sure God put each of us here for his purpose and we need to talk to him more and realize that purpose. God bless you and thank you for your beautiful writing.

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