Conecting To God In A Relational Way

“Do you know God well enough to enjoy His company, the same way you enjoy being with a family member or close friend? Do you want to know God better and enjoy Him more than you know and enjoy anyone else? Do you connect with God in such a way that enables you to hear His voice and to know He’s right there with you?” – Larry Crabb, The Papa Prayer.


In a previous post, I mentioned the two essential ways we get to know God are through spending time in His Word and prayer. I wrote about getting into the Word in this post. Today I want to talk about prayer.

What is prayer? Sometimes we try to make it complicated, but it’s not. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God.

Conversation vs. Monolog

Notice I said conversation. That means talking and listening. Personally, if I’m not careful, my prayers are more like monologs, I babble on and on. Usually telling Him how He should handle situations. Praying like the purpose of prayer was to get the things I want. Can you relate?

Think about that for a minute. When you are trying to have a conversation with someone, and they do all the talking how do you feel? So, how do you think it makes God feel when His precious child comes to meet with Him, but He can’t get a word in edgewise?

It’s important to remember; praying isn’t about the perfect combination of words. It’s about sharing your heart with God and God sharing His heart with you. Without conversation, there can’t be a relationship.

Teach Us To Pray

There are many good ways to pray, and countless books have been written about them. I recommend you read as many as you can. But I’d like to recommend three of my favorites, “Your Powerful Prayers” by Susie Larson, “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson, and “Too Busy Not to Pray” by Bill Hybels.

However, we are focusing on relational prayer in this post. Relational prayer allows us to get to know the heart of God and that will transform our lives. I believe it has to be the starting point of all our prayers.

Hands down, the best book to read for an understanding of this type of prayer is, “The Papa Prayer” by Larry Crabb. I wish I had read this book before I read any other book about prayer.

Relational Prayer Is Life Transforming

Relational Prayer will revolutionize your life and your relationship with God.

“When I say that prayer is now my lifeline, I’m not talking about prayer as I used to understand it. Before, I thought prayer was all about trying to coax God into giving me something and then thanking Him on those rare occasions when I was successful. Now I see that prayer has more to do with God’s speaking to me and my learning to be the listener. It’s a dance where He leads.” – Larry Crabb

Make prayer about relationship first before you start asking for things from God. When we pray relationally, it allows us to hear God’s voice.

Not sure where to start, look for scripture that you can turn into prayers. Share your heart with Him. Ask Him questions, then just sit still and let God whisper His promises to you.

When you pray relationally, you are praying to know God and to be known by Him. I guarantee you won’t find prayer boring when you pray this way. Praying relationally will empower you to embrace your story in ways you never imagined.

Do you practice relational prayer? What have you been sensing God saying to you?

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