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I’m excited to share a new addition to the blog with you. It is something I have been planning to do since the inception, and now it’s a reality.


Let me explain. When I started the blog in September of 2016, I intended to have this feature but knew I would launch it on a future date.

As the blog has evolved, I decided to start this new feature on the one year anniversary in September 2017. However, as is often the case God had a different schedule.

What Is It?

I can hear you now, “enough already, tell us what it is.” Ok, ok, enough suspense.

One of my dreams for this blog is that it would be a place of giving to others. Not just me sharing my writing with you but us as a community giving to a designated ministry.

By now you are probably asking how that works. Glad you asked. It’s simple. Each year I’ll select a ministry that is making a difference in the lives of others. Then I’ll share it with you in an annual post.

There will never be any pressure or guilt associated with this opportunity. It will be strictly between you and the Lord. I will merely present the opportunity. You pray about it and do as the Lord directs you.

There will be a donation link in the sidebar that you can click on and donate directly to the ministry. I will never see if you do or don’t give. And if you do donate I will never see the amount.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a timeline and a couple of ministries in mind. But this week as I prepared to write the post I had planned to write I felt a gentle nudge from the Spirit.

The Big Reveal

As you will recall I wrote about Katie Colucy and how she has answered God’s call on her life in last week’s blog. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can read it here.

In that post, I shared a link you could use to support Katie and Sozo Children. Katie tells me she did receive some donations and I just want to thank all who contributed.

I felt God leading me that not only should I select Sozo Children and Katie to support but to announce it this week and not in September.

I would like to ask you to watch this brief video (it’s only three minutes long) that will explain what this project is all about. After watching please pray and act as you feel lead.


A Matter Of Prayer

If you feel that you want to support this ministry you can click here to donate.  Or if you need more time to decide or want to give at a later date, no worries. If you look in the sidebar, you will see the giving box for Sozo. It will remain there so you can give at your convenience.

Thank you for faithfully reading the blog and thank you for your generous hearts.

Do you have any questions or comments about this giving opportunity?



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