What Is The First Thing You Notice


Recently a friend posted a question on Facebook that launched me into a lot of thought about how I would answer. She asked, “What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time?” I Didn’t Know How To Answer I have to admit that I could not answer […]

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Who Are You Running From


We are all running from something or someone. The question is are we running in the right direction. The other day I looked out my window at the right time to witness a precious scene unfolding. My neighbor across the street was on the way to her car with her toddler. Just as they reached the […]

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Deciding What To Do With Social Media

social mdia

Social Media should I stay or should I go? Have you ever asked yourself this question? What is the right answer? If you are anything like me at one time or another, these questions have crossed your mind. Social media not only didn’t exist when I was younger we didn’t even imagine it or the impact it […]

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5 Things You Will Not Find In The Bible


Would you believe there are multiple sayings that sound so biblical many of us think they’re in the Bible? But in reality, they’re not. Yes, you’ve heard them, and like me, you have probably said them. Here are five of them: 1. Money Is The Root Of All Evil I’m pretty confident you know this […]

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Are You Stuck In A Story Of Without


The morning started out like most any other day. I had mapped out what I thought I needed to accomplish and was preparing to dive in. But what happened next turned the story of my day upside down and me inside out. I decided that for the remainder of the year I was going to […]

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