The Ultimate Importance of Being A Noticer


Did you see that? What was that sound, did you hear it? Did you notice…? Several weeks ago I was mowing my lawn. A routine task that almost every homeowner does regularly. It is also something that I love doing. While I have always loved mowing it is becoming increasingly difficult because of the complications of […]

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Why It’s Grace And Consequences


In mid-March of this year a story greeted me as I checked my Facebook news feed. Soon it spread to news outlets across the state and beyond. The headline read, “Man Dumps dog, Pig, Outside Tuscarawas County Humane Society.” I watched in disbelief as the video from the security camera showed a masked man tying […]

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Have You Figured Out What Your Superpower Is


It seems like there is a lot of talk these days about superheros or discovering your superpower. A recent encounter, in of all places while standing in line to check out of a local store reminded me of this topic. Two gentlemen standing behind me struck up a conversation as they waited their turn to […]

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What God Can Do With A Heartfelt Yes

Advent is a season filled with expectation. Expectations of family visits, gifts selected with great care, that special meal, Christmas Eve services and more. But What about the unexpected? In the blink of an eye, your life can change dramatically. It sure happened that way on that first Christmas. Oh, the world including Mary was […]

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Do You Know What God Wants For Christmas?

What is your most favorite Christmas gift you ever received? What is the one thing you want for Christmas this year? Did you ever stop to wonder if God wants anything for Christmas? Generally, we have two Christmas lists. The first one is the list of things we want for Christmas. The second is what […]

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