Ready Or Not Here It Comes


After reading this headline I can hear you asking yourself, “What is it?” The “it” I’m talking about is the holiday season that is once again upon us. How does that make you feel? Joyous? Or do you feel yourself tensing up when you think about everything you need to get done? Perhaps it’s a […]

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Ready Or Not September Is Here


Some of us are clinging desperately to August. Don’t go. It’s too soon. Others joyously embrace September, welcoming the new season of campfires, hoodies, and football. Which camp do you find yourself in? If you ask me what my favorite season is, I will tell you it’s fall. Don’t get me wrong. I love spring with all […]

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Oh No Here We Go Again


I can hear you asking, what on earth is going on with this blog? It looks different from the last time I visited. Why the changes? Funny you should ask. but I’m glad you did. Let me tell you what happened. But first let’s talk about the last change. If you are a regular reader, […]

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