A Quick Update About What Is Going On

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. You may have noticed that there was no blog post last week and are wondering what is going on.


I just want to give you a quick update. I have had to take a brief, unexpected hiatus from writing due to some health challenges. Nothing serious, just dealing with a major Fibromyalgia flair that has been kicking my tail.

I am happy to report that I am starting to feel better and am getting back to writing. I’m excited to be working on a lot of fresh new content I’m praying you will find helpful and encouraging.

Keep watching your inbox. Penned In His Image will return to its regular weekly publication schedule on Tuesday, April 24. See you then as we continue our journey together of discovering who God created us to be.

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  1. I will keep you in prayer. Maybe when the weather gets warmer you will feel better.

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