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When Is The Last Time You Danced With God

Does God dance? To be honest, I had never thought about it. That was until a couple of years ago when I came across the topic in a most unusual way. A friend and I took a bus trip to Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter (you can check it out here). It was an […]

Well That Was A Wild Unexpected Ride

We added a new member to our family recently. It was very unexpected for both of us. Her name is Zoe, and she is a one-year-old Labrador Retriever. When she arrived at the house one of the first things she tried to do was jump into my recliner to curl up and lay down. What […]

It’s Just Another Chapter In The Story

It’s a new day, a new look and a fresh start. In other words a new chapter. Yes, Fresh starts really do happen, and this blog is proof. Sometimes fresh starts are unexpected. Relaunching this blog with a new design certainly falls into the unexpected category. Before we take the tour, let me give you […]