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What Your Thirst Reveals About Your Longing

Have you ever had a thirst you just can’t quench? Is there something or someone in your life you long to be with but no matter how much you are it’s never enough? Who knew that filling the dog’s water dish could lead to a lesson on the power of thirst and longing? Two Dogs […]

It’s Time to Stop Homesteading And Begin The Journey

We all have a choice how we will live. We can choose to homestead or pursue the journey that lies before us. I can hear you now. You are saying something like, “What on earth do you mean when you say homesteading? And what journey are you talking about?” Confessions Of A Long Time Homesteader […]

A Different Kind Of Blog Post

This isn’t the blog post I planned on publishing today but, well it’s been one of those weeks. Two and a half weeks to be exact. You know what I’m talking about because I know it happens to you too. Life throws you some curve balls, and things just don’t turn out the way you […]

How To Kick Worry To the Curb Forever

Everybody worries. Some of us don’t just worry sometimes we have such a problem with worry that you might say we are addicted to it. If we find ourselves not worried, we get worried that there is something we should be worried about and we worry until we figure out what it is. Then we […]

What To Do When Your Life Feels Like It Is Coming Unglued

Do you ever feel like your life is coming unglued? Do you struggle with how to get it under control? What glue do you use to hold it together during life’s ups and downs? So Many Choices There are thousands of glues and adhesives on the market today. Each one with a particular purpose. It doesn’t […]