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Check Out This New Addition To The Blog


I’m excited to share a new addition to the blog with you. It is something I have been planning to do since the inception, and now it’s a reality. Let me explain. When I started the blog in September of 2016, I intended to have this feature but knew I would launch it on a […]

What Happens When You Embrace Your Calling?

Are you running to or from your calling?  When you hear your calling will you answer, will you embrace it? Those are the thoughts that crossed my mind recently as I drove down the highway. I flashed back to a time several years ago, and Alice (not her real name) came to mind. A member […]

Learning About God And Life From A Do-Over Dog

Is there such a thing as a do-over for humans or dogs in life? Do you believe that God uses dogs in our lives?   How God Uses Dogs To Enrich Our Lives There are currently about 340 different breeds of dogs not to mention all the various mixed breeds. Of all the animals that […]

Freedom Is More Than Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Happy Independence Day! Now, I know that everyone reading this is not from the United States but around here July 4th is kind of a big deal. Families and friends get together to celebrate. Food, fun, and fireworks abound but what are we actually celebrating? Celebrating Freedom On this day 241 years ago 56 brave […]