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The #1 Mistake That Keeps You From Getting Healthy

Did you make a resolution or set a goal to get healthy this year? Do you want to lose some weight or exercise more? Let me ask you this, how’s that working for you? If your anything like me then you replied, “not so good.” It’s not that we didn’t try, but it seems like […]

For Such A Time As This

Time; past, present, and future, what is its significance? Does it matter? Where and how do we fit into time? I love history! There I said it. Go ahead; call me a geek or a nerd. I own it. I love history! What we learn from the past can impact our present and our future. […]

Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear

We live in a violent world, seemingly broken beyond words but is all hope lost? A look at today’s headlines tells of terror attacks, government wrongdoing, and an economy that is in deep trouble. I have heard others say these are dark times we are living in and indeed they are. An Unexpected Discovery Several […]

7 Steps You Can Use To Resolve Conflict

Conflict! It’s everywhere you turn. How many days have you gone without conflict in your life? With a spouse, child, parent, friend, co-worker, boss, even strangers. How can we handle conflict, so it is not a destructive force in our life? In October 1945 the charter for the United Nations was signed with the express […]

Is It Really Possible To Live A Courageous Life?

Are you possessing your future or is your future possessing you? Are you living a life of intentions or are you living an intentional life? At the beginning of 2014 I  asked myself these questions, and quite frankly I didn’t like the answer. There are so many things I want to do. So many dreams. […]