K L Greenwalt

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The Result Of The Right Perspective Is Amazing Breakthrough

Perspective matters. It matters a lot. A wrong perspective can derail your journey to becoming who you were created to be in the blink of an eye. I loved spending time with my grandmother. I have many wonderful memories of time spent with her. The cool thing was she was one of those people you […]

Conecting To God In A Relational Way

“Do you know God well enough to enjoy His company, the same way you enjoy being with a family member or close friend? Do you want to know God better and enjoy Him more than you know and enjoy anyone else? Do you connect with God in such a way that enables you to hear […]

You Need To Cultivate This Soul-Transforming Practice

If I told you that there is a habit you can cultivate that will transform your soul would you be interested? In a previous post, I shared that God is the ultimate Author, and our story is a subplot in His story. I also shared that a correct understanding of  God is vital to embracing […]

5 Lessons A Remarkable Yellow Dog Taught Me

I’ve been around dogs from the time I was born and have always loved being in their company. All my dogs touched my life for the better and made it richer than before I knew them. But none more so than a remarkable yellow lab named Lexy. When Lexy was three years old, I received a call […]