It’s Time to Stop Homesteading And Begin The Journey

We all have a choice how we will live. We can choose to homestead or pursue the journey that lies before us. I can hear you now. You are saying something like, “What on earth do you mean when you say homesteading? And what journey are you talking about?” A homestead is that place where you […]


How To Check Your Baggage

Have you ever sat in an airport and observed the people coming and going? Did you notice their baggage? Anything from backpacks to extra large suitcases and everything in between. What is in their baggage and what will they do with it? These days most people choose to keep their baggage as close to themselves as […]


Why It’s Grace And Consequences

In mid-March of this year a story greeted me as I checked my Facebook news feed. Soon it spread to news outlets across the state and beyond. The headline read, “Man Dumps dog, Pig, Outside Tuscarawas County Humane Society.” I watched in disbelief as the video from the security camera showed a masked man tying […]


Have You Figured Out What Your Superpower Is

It seems like there is a lot of talk these days about superheros or discovering your superpower. A recent encounter, in of all places while standing in line to check out of a local store reminded me of this topic. Two gentlemen standing behind me struck up a conversation as they waited their turn to […]


The Perfect Way To Stop Worry In Its Tracks

Everybody worries. Some of us don’t just worry sometimes we have such a problem with worry you might say it addicts us. If we find ourselves not worried, we get worried that there is something we should worry about and we worry until we figure out what it is. Then we worry about how much […]