Ready Or Not Here It Comes

After reading this headline I can hear you asking yourself, “What is it?” The “it” I’m talking about is the holiday season that is once again upon us. How does that make you feel? Joyous? Or do you feel yourself tensing up when you think about everything you need to get done? Perhaps it’s a […]


What Is The Worth Of A Shoebox

What do you do with a shoebox once you bing that new pair of shoes home? Do you store your new shoes in it or toss it in the trash? Do you keep it to store miscellaneous small items or give it to your cat to play with? That’s all it’s good for isn’t it? […]

next right thing

What Is Your Next Right Thing

As I sit at my desk this morning I’m greeted by a vast blanket of white sitting static at my window. My view veiled as I strain to see what lay beyond. And I think how appropriate as I work through the fog of the decisions I must make. What is the next right thing? […]


The Ultimate Importance of Being A Noticer

Did you see that? What was that sound, did you hear it? Did you notice…? Several weeks ago I was mowing my lawn. A routine task that almost every homeowner does regularly. It is also something that I love doing. While I have always loved mowing it is becoming increasingly difficult because of the complications of […]

see yourself

Why You Can’t Trust How You See Yourself

How we see ourselves influences everything you do. The problem is we can’t trust the way we view ourselves. Why and what should we do about it? I loved spending time with my grandmother. I have many wonderful memories of time spent with her. One of the coolest thing was she was one of those […]


7 Steps You Can Use To Resolve Conflict

Conflict! It’s everywhere you turn. How many days have you gone without conflict in your life? With a spouse, child, parent, friend, co-worker, boss, even strangers. How can we handle conflict, so it is not a destructive force in our life? In October 1945 the charter for the United Nations was signed with the express […]